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gday everyone

pretty new here and just started browsing the forum, and it looks like the place to get advice.

ive searched and searched but havnt found a definitive answer to my query so i decided to make a thread!

im building a new system, pretty much spare no expense gaming monster. i ordered my thermaltake armour case the one without the side fan, and have now read about psu problems :(

i would just like for anyone with this case could you let me know what type of psu you have? did it fit ok? ill be looking at a larger psu i think around 800w - 900w, though after reading various posts i might not need that much?

i can give you a rough idea of what id like to have in my computer. I am a newby to putting a comp together so bare with me if i propose something rediculous. Any suggestions for a psu would be great, or if something on my list is oviously not feasible please say! :) also i would like to add a second 8800 gtx in the future.

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6800 Quad Core
Gigabyte GA-N680SLI-DQ6 Mobo
3 hard drives 500gig probly western d
geforce 8800gtx still hunting the best brand
xfi fatality champion pro sound card
Corsair Dominator QUAD2X4096-8500C5DF which is 4gig
and what ever optical drive ect i find

i realise its still a bit shady what exactly i will have in my box. but with this rough outline, would a 800w - 900w psu be just right? or overkill? keeping room for upgrades and stuff later on. originally i was looking at the thermaltake toughpower 1200w psu lol but i doubt it would fit.

i hope i posted in the correct section! any answers or help would be great and apreciated. cheers in advance
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  1. TT 1200 looks good , MY PROXSTREAM 1000WAT is good too

    OCZ one : upply

    4rails , 4x12=48 which is very good

    TT one :
    4rails , 4x12=48,

    both looks good ,
  2. I have quite a hefty Seasonic-s12 600W PSU in my Thermaltake Armor. Fits fine, no issues at all.

    I would recommend a Seasonic PSU by the way. Had this PSU for close to 2 years and it's been completely flawless! Never even given me one problem! It's quiet too! Will probably still be using it for at least another year. Excellent piece of hardware.
  3. A 650w is more than fine thats what im using on my system (check below) i love the new cable design they have with todays power sup. looks so kewl compared with my old one.
    Thermaltake seem good and what i like best is they are quiet.
    They also have 750w - 1200w
  4. Cheers for the replys :D Has helped me find some different manufacturers and get and idea of what power i will need. Now just have to decide which one lol thanks again
  5. my 1200W TT fits fine in my kandalf, which has the same insides as the armour, i think honestly that psu is great value for money, sure it is over kill now, but it may not be later on, also, since it has a huge capacity you don't have to worry about the effects of capacitor aging as much, it is cheap compared to the PC Power and Cooling 1000W and 1200W but almost as well built. i like it muchly.
  6. Any standard size PSU will fit into the Thermaltake Armor or Kandalf model cases. The only problem would be maneuvering the PSU into position. That is why everyone seems to claim that they won't fit.

    Personally, I have 1 system with Thermaltake Armor case, with a PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Quad installed, which is a longer PSU, and it fits fine.

    On a side note, I would think that a 650-750 watt PSU by a decent manufacturer would suit your rig just fine, even if you want to overclock. I see no need for an 800+ watt PSU for the system you listed.
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