centurion 5 won't start

my new homebuilt computer won't start at all. nothing turns on, no llights, nothing. i have a q6600, 2 gig of ballistics corsair, oczgamexstream 600 wats, and a 8600gt. any ideas? when i push the power button, nothing, absolutely nothing happens. i even fiddled with the case connectors and nothing at all.
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  1. it has to be either a power problem, something wrong with the way the power switch is plugged in, the power switch, or in worst case, the motherboard itself.
    short the green pin and and black pin together on the 24 pin connector on the power supply (with all other leads unplugged) and see if it fires up. if it does, put a multimeter to various leads and see if they're operating correctly. if nothing happens, your psu is dead.
  2. before i read your post, i took everything out, and placed it back in again. then after i pushed te power button, it turned on.......for 1 second. afterwards it turned right off. that means my case connectors are correctly placed, right?

    i don't know how to do your suggestion. can you give it to me in simple steps? new at this, sorry...and desperate for answers......
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