How to restrict a local user downloading files system is a common system in Room..Four of us r using the same system..Now i want to restrict one user from downloading,online streaming,installing new softwares.I have made another user with limited privillage in user accounts.But still i cant restrict him from online streaming and downloading....please help....
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  1. change ie security options under properties..
    try to use any firewall programs..
    what OS you are using in vista & win 7 use may restrict users to a certain level..
  2. He posted under XP means he is using XP only?
    What a silly question manojgj?
  3. Take a look at "Windows Steady State" to administer the shared PC.

    I'm assuming the PC is standalone with different users as opposed to being on a domain / connected to a server.

    Windows Steady State is highly configurable on a per user basis, but you may have to think outside the square to prevent a user from downloading software (software installation prevention for a user appears fairly straight forward though) or streaming. For example you may have to restrict access to those sites where the user downloads from. You can also set Windows Steady State to revert all the settings back after a user has logged off. This alone will frustrate them because any changes they may make will not be there when they return after logging off.

    In any case do a little bit of research, you may find this is just what you need:

    May the force be with you.
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