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Currently I am running the following system:

- Asus P4P800 deluxe
- P4 Northwood 3.2 ghz
- 2 Gb DDR
- 350 Watt AOpen powersupply
- ATI Radeon 9800 pro AGP

I am thinking of upgrading my APG card. I want to know if it is of any use
to upgrade to a X1950 Pro or X1950XT. Currenty the XT version (€ 185,-/$273)
is only € 15,- more expensive then the Pro. Of course an upgrade of the PSU has
also to be made. I am thinking of getting a corsair 450 VX (33A/12V) or 520 HX
(2 * 18A/12V). I also want the PSU to be compatibel with a future upgraded system
(Intel Quad).

Please advice.
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  1. Very sensable to get a psu to handle future upgrades how long are you looking to run the existing system before the upgrade?
    As far as the psu goes i would check what kind of psu you would need to run a highend card now like a 8800GTX which states 600+
    I would be worried that the cpu will bottleneck the card a bit though
    The AGP card will no doubt have a good value on ebay by the time you upgrade so that will ofset the cost abit im guessing you are upgrading a bit at a time due to budget? I would think the pro would be your best bet as it will knock the socks off of what you have now and wont be affected as much by the cpu (why buy performance you wont see)and will have more saleability (if thats a word) when/if you decide to sell it.
    Every body seems to be die shrinking at the min to save power and it could be that power requirements will go down instead of up but personally i would rather play it safe and get a psu that you know will be ok in the future.
  2. Just for the sake of argument, nVidia's 7000 series are more efficient at the same computing power. Sorry, I know I'm crossing the GPU lines, but I was wondering if you had considered that fact. I would suggest getting the same card I have and not get the power supply (I know I've enjoyed it). Sorry for being 'that guy' but I felt like saying it.

  3. If you're spending 170 euro for a video card and 60 (or whatever) for a good PSU then you might as well spend another 15 and get the x1950XT. Maybe you'll be lucky and it won't be bottlenecked by the CPU in all the games you play.

    TBH I have no idea if the Pro or the XT would be easier to resell. I would have guessed the XT, becuase at some point the Xt will be barely adequate in new games and the Pro will be too weak for them.
  4. i have tha same set-up as you with a 7900gs card for agp. all i can say is that i would not half step on a psu especially for the cards you're going for. i have a 600watt psu and it dose the trick nicely.

    just make sure that when you get that psu you pay very close attention to how many +12v rails it has (at least two rails imho) and how many amps on the +12v the psu is pushing.

    my specs:
    mobo-asus p4p800e deluxe
    cpu- p4 3.0ht 800fsb oc to 3.6
    memory- 2gigs OCZ platinum at 2,2,2,5
    gpu- 7900gs agp
    sound card- SB audigy
    psu- thermaltake toughpower 600watts
  5. To aevm just for the record my thinking is that the people who will want the cards will most probably be the ones who cant/dont want to upgrade psu and the pro will run on a lower supply. My last buy of the shelf system had a psu that would run a pro but not a xt so thats what i was basing it on guessing that there will be plenty of similar systems out there :)
  6. Hmmm, never thought of that... Yeah, maybe the 15 euros are better saved for a future CPU/mobo upgrade.
  7. Id say save your money, and put it towards a newer system in the future, agp cards cost alot,lot more then the same card in pcie.
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