What is the 25 character product key of Windows CD Folder

I have a problem with my computer and so I reinstall Windows XP. When it open, I type in the correct 25-characters in the box. It accept me to go through and it restart from the beginning by itself. But when it pass through the top 2, it ask me to type the 25-characters again. Still, it doesn't work after I type the exact 25-characters. The question is: Is it the exact "25-characters" password that match with the Product key on the yellow sticker?
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  1. have u start installation by booting from cd or started inside xp..
    if you want to use genuine windows xp then it must be same as in cd
  2. Check the characters by looking at them very closely.

    I was getting frustrated with an install a few years ago because I found myself in the exact same situation, turns out I was mistaking the letter B for the number 8 (or was it vice versa?.... hmmm?).

    Hope this helps.
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