$1500 budget... Video and Photo editing Rig...

Hey guys,

I'm going to put together a new rig, but want some opinions. I have a $1500 budget. Since you all are much more knowledgeable on the parts, can you guys build a sample rig and we can take suggestions and tweak from there?

Mostly be used for some video editing (Sony Vegas Studio), but major photo editing (Corel Paint Shop Pro XI). Games are not a top priority and most aren't even that intense so if we can save some $$ there and put it to use in other parts that'd be great. Already have a DVD burner and monitor, but if there's extra room in the budget, a new widescreen monitor would be great.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. CORE 2 QUAD
  2. Q6600
    2GB or 4GB RAM , get brands like OCZ ,CORSAIR , CRUCIAL ...
    EDIT : X1950
    ASUS P5K or P5K-E or GIGABYTE P35 DS3R ( I will go for ASUS )
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. A few more q's for you. Do you think it's worth getting Vista x64 or just Vista x86 in terms of compatibility ( heard drivers were a problem)? I might be getting the 4GB . I've heard a few complaints about the Asus, can you tell me why you would go for the Asus over the Gigabyte?

    You think the X1950 Pro would be better than 8600GT? I really don't need DX10 I don't think. Right now I got an 80GB HDD and it's almost full. About 20GB is photos and about 100GB is video (which is stored on an external). Any suggestion of a good solid HDD?
  4. Yes X1950 blows away 8600GT , ( i will edit my post)
    for HDD , seagat and western digital are good , i have a 500GB seagate and i love it
    if u want to have 4GB ram ,then get X64
  5. One last quick question... I don't plan to OC so will any extra CPU accessories (CPU cooler) be just overkill? Since I'm a first-timer, do I need anything like thermal paste or is it included with the proc? Thanks.
  6. If you're not OC'ing, the stock cooler should be fine (though you could go after-market if you want something quieter).

    The only reason I like the ASUS better than the Gigabyte doesnt have firewire. (but I think the 3P does).
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