3D gaming monitor?

I was browsing youtube and I found this crazy video of half life 2 being played on a 3d monitor. It's from some company named spatialView. It looks pretty sweet how you can see around corners and its supposed to be 3d according to their website. Does anyone know anything more about this technology? Here's the video link...
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  1. Their website, if you want more information:

    From the products page:

    "The Spatial View Advantage: Quality, Convenience, Affordability, Content
    The Spatial View is the true 3 dimensional display of digital data. The Spatial View Advantage is the glasses-free display of 3 dimensional images for any application in any 3D format to suit your particular situation. From dynamic digital signage through high-end workplace desktop configurations and lab workstations, all the way to home theatre and mobile handheld applications, our adaptable panel technologies are the absolute latest in glasses-free 3D display, providing an unrivaled visual experience and boasting a wide viewing area that can accommodate multiple users or single viewers alike.

    The Spatial View 3D Display System%u2013Accessible and Affordable for All
    The Spatial View Multi-User 3D Displays are auto-stereoscopic screens that offer high image quality, brilliant resolution, and dynamic color depth at affordable prices. Based on barrier panel technology that precisely aligns left and right eye images simultaneously, these displays offer true glasses-free 3D viewing without any optical aids. The Spatial View Multi-User 5-View display system has the distinct advantage of providing a perfect spatial image that can be seen with the naked eye from just about any angle, height, and distance by everyone, comfortably and hassle-free.

    The SeeFront 3D Display System %u2013Spatial Viewing at its Best
    Spatial View offers a new, high-end Single-User 3D solution: the unique and patented SeeFront technology. This system boasts impressive optical quality: the highest resolution without any loss of brightness. Optimized for use with Spatial View%u2019s 3D imaging technology, the SeeFront process makes the integration, preparation, and display of 3D data simple, easy, and precise. Designed to deliver ultra-high resolution for the most demanding professional applications, its stunning image quality also makes it perfect for the next generation of mobile handheld devices. Retrofitting of standard TFT screens (including laptops) with SeeFront panels will turn them into high-end 3D displays.

    Spatial View 3D Software Solutions -- 3D that%u2019s fast, flexible, and fantastic
    Spatial View 3D Technology compiles any stereo image data, converts and then interlaces it for display on any 3D device whether it%u2019s auto-stereoscopic, anaglyphic, polarized or shuttered. Our incredibly versatile set of 3D imaging tools take any 3D data, regardless of source and format, and display it in any type of 3D format, regardless of brand or manufacturer. So whether your applications are in medicine, industrial/architectural design, advertising, or entertainment, Spatial View software provides the easiest and most effective solutions for the creation, management, interpretation, and display of your 3D data.

    Designed to yield professional results for even novice users, the SVI 3D Software Suite is fast, easy and intuitive to use. And the latest series of Spatial View Plug-ins offer seamless 3D integration into the workflow of major content creation applications. "
  2. Neat concept, but doesn't seem to be practical to me. After all, your still looking at a two dimentional picture. I also read about a company that sells a film material you can buy to put over your existing monitor or television screen to give it that 3D appearance as well.
  3. i dunno, from what i've read, it seems as though you're looking at a 3D picture. Like each eye sees a different view like in real life. I guess they can't show that with a youtube vid though. Looks like cool stuff...i want one. On their web page I found a gaming bundle:

    I just found this article that is referring to a different 3d display technology.
  5. that display looks sweet and it's a little cheaper too, but i just read that it requires a dual output video card and you need to wear glasses. This spatialView one doesn't seem to need glasses.
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