Need help buying new Mother Board

First I want to say I have been an AMD fanboi for about 10 years now, but Intel is looking like it will be my next buy.

I cannot spend alot of money all at once maybe $250-300ish. I am looking to buy a new mobo, cpu, & ram.

Current Setup:
AMD 3500+ (939)
Asus Mother Board
1GB DDR400 Ram

Here is what I want:
A new CPU with atleast the same power as the 3500
A new motherboard that will support newer chips so I can upgrade again in 1-2 years with a faster CPU
2GB Ram. Speed depends on what type of mobo I get and what my furture upgrade will need.

My main question:
AMD or Intel. It looks to me like Intel is the way to do now. I can get a P35 mobo with a E2140 chip, then in a year or so I could upgrade again to a Q6600 or something like that. Main problem I have is I do not want in one year to have to upgrade my Mother board and ram again because the whole chipset is out of date.
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  1. CPU: E2140 - $75.99

    Motherboard: GA-P35-DS3L - $94.99

    RAM: Crucial Ballistix 2GB DDR2-667 - $100.99
    RAM: Crucial Ballistix 2GB DDR2-800 - $69.99 (after mail-in-rebate)

    total: $241-$272

    OC the cpu on stock cooling or buy an aftermarket heatsink for $30-$50 and you got yourself a very nice machine.
  2. Thanks Pavel

    I am thinking about a RAID tho. That is the only reason I upgraded to a DS3R

    If in the furture I were to upgrade to a Q6600 or the new Penryn chip line whould I need better ram 1066? Or can I just stick with the 800?
  3. Stick with the 800 it will be fine...
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