Did my 8800GTS get damaged???

I have the following video card BFG 8800GTS OC2 640ram. When I got my system the PCI-E frequency was set to 146. My system worked fine for a few days before it wouldn’t boot anymore. I went into the BIOS and none of my SATA devices were being recognized.

Upon further research on the net, I found that the PCI-E frequency should be set at 100 or just slightly higher. As you can see 146 is a lot higher.

I also found that this was probably the reason why I lost all connections to my SATA devices.

So now I set my PCI-E frequency to AUTO in my BIOS settings and everything boots fine.

My question is during the few times when I had the PCI-E set at 146 and the system failed to boot did I do any damage to the video card? When I run 3DMark06 it shows only 610ram. Not sure if there is any connection when the system was booting and not booting with the PCI-E frequency set at 146.

Thanks for the info.
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  1. you HAVE just not enough to do anything. and the 610 aint related the ram gets misread all the time
  2. Thanks.
  3. 146 for pcie is just crazy.
    Yes u can damage your card, even kill it doing that.
    Not one of those 'tall tales' either, it does happen, many ppl dont know why tho.
    It mostly happens when ppl set it to auto, then OC.
    PCIE frequency is linked to fsb, so that rises with ur oc, then ur card goes.

    Same with ur 33Mhz for hdds, rises with oc.

    Id set all these to manual 100 and 33. Just so ur sure.

    As for ur card... only way to tell if its damaged is to test it with games and benches.
  4. Well, the shop that built my machine had the PCI-E frequency set at 146. I'll tell them about that since I have to bring the machine back for some other repairs.
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