Possible problem with q6600

Recently got a new processor, the q6600. Its not overclocked yet, but Speedfan is giving me some high temp ratings. I just have this internet browser open, and these are the results im getting:

Temp1: 59C
temp2: 50
Temp3: -2C
Core 0 : 55C
Core 1: 54 C
core2: 50C
core 3: 48C

Theres like little flames next to them, so i figure these numbers are too high? Also, I get the core temps, but what are Temp1-3 referring to?
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  1. Thats a little high for idle but well within the themal limits of this CPU, what are the numbers under load? Try using intels themal analysis tool.
  2. um I'm running vista x64, so can't run that.
  3. Hey Laserspewpew - your name looks familiar. Do you play CSS on DOP Hightimes? As for your temps, they look a little high. Are you using stock cooling? I just built a Q6600 PC and I used a Thermalright Ultra extreme 120 heatsink. My idle temps are approximately 42 c on all 4 cores using Core Temp with an ambient of 26 c. I tried Speed Fan but the reported temps were approx. 15 c less than what Core Temp reported. I have heard that there is a 15 c margin using Speed Fan to report Q6600 temps. I am running XP 64 and Core Temp works fine so it might also work in Vista. Another good program is Everest. See you on HighTimes.
  4. Yes, I am using stock cooling. And if the same is happening to me, where the actual temps are 15 degrees higher, that would suck cuz i would be over 65C when idle.

    I want to OC this sucker, but if the temps are this high with stock settings, I don't think I'll go very far.

    Oh, and I do play CSS, but not sure about server. I play randomly, so it might as well be someone else.
  5. Hit control-alt-delete and bring up the "Task Manager"..take a look at the CPU usage, just to make sure you have no problems with any program running in a loop, as that will increase CPU usage, and drive higher temps..you might also try reseating the CPU heatsink...also, what is the ambient room temperature where your computer is? Goodluck
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