Solid-state drive Will it work with this enclosure?

Solid-state drives Will they work with this enclosure? the EX-127
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  1. um... i belive the first solid state drives are/will be 2.5 inch laptop sized, why woudl you want a 5inch enclousure

    a sata 2.5 inch usb enclousure is the thing you want for fast portable reliable non mechanical solution for usb, self powered by the usb

    the 3.5 and 5 inch enclousures need power adapters and are huge and bulky

    now if you are referring to 3.5 inch ssd drives (which ihave seen none), i would advice to go for the 2.5 in a 2.5 enclosure

    and to answer your question, yes it will work, and with any existing sata interface
  2. caskachan
    I just purchased two of the Ex-127 enclosure I will be using them for 3.5 HDD but just wanted to see if I will be able to use them in the future using SSD, I like this enclosure cause it can enclose a optical drive 3.5 hdd and 2.5 hdd knowing it will work with SSD is a bonus for me
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