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Hi all, I just bought a Thermaltake toughpower cable management (W0106) to replace an 500W Antec for my main PC. I bought it because I believe my Antec was defective in that the 12V was like 11.7V or so. I also recently bought a Thermaltake DR. Power power supply tester. It showed that the Antec was generally good, but the -5V was bad. Now the new Thermaltake reads the same. I have tried the tester on two older power supplies that showed that everything was ok. Do new power supplies have a -5V?(sorry if this is a stupid question) Please let me
know if I need to RMA. Also, there appears to be a pin missing on the main motherboard supply (no wire at all). Is there a position that is usually left out? Thanks.
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  1. 11.7v when does it fluxuate? 12v if steady is fine
  2. Some newer PSUs don't have the -5V or -12V lines as they are rarely used by todays motherboards. It's normal too that those readings are way wrong.
  3. OK thanks for the help. The 11.7V is what is usually reads, never seen it near 12V. It works fine normally, but when I try to overclock my system becomes unstable much sooner that the limit I know it can reach (3800+ Windsor unstable at 2.4GHz). It makes sense to me that the Antec is fine normally but cannot keep the system stable enough at higher clocks. I hope the new PS is good and that I can clock higher, otherwise I have just wasted money :(
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