please help me! new sytem won't boot

Hi, I've recently bought some budget pc parts just to be able play some newer games, the parts according to guy from the shop where I bought them, should be compatible. when I've put them all together, closed the case, and put the power cord in to the (thing where you put the power cord in, sry for my bad english), I could hear a continious sound lie a beeep :P... when I've pressed the power up button nothing happend, could you help... please... coudl it be a defected motherboard or perhaps wrong psu??

here are the parts

-asus m2v - modelmenu=1
-Amd 64 4200 x2.. (windsor edition)
-corsair 1gb 533 value
-ati x1950 pro 256mb
- (case) OEM Brand Midi Tower A-Shuffle ATX 400W (on it's box there's writen.. multimedia system optimum solution for lga775 system could that be it??)
-seagate 200 gb pata133

anyone any ideas?? could it be becouse the jumpers wrong combination or connectors? please help me guys.. I don't know what to do..
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  1. re seat your ram and video card first. double check that the power connector for you vid card is plugged in. if you have more than 1 stick of ram try them one at a time and be sure to unplug the power cord from your computer then press the power on button to discharge the capacitors before you make any chanes inside your computer
  2. Thanks for help... unfortunetly it doesn't seem to help.. nothing except the beeep sound happens when i plug the cord... when i press the power button also nothing.. the fans on psu and cpu cooler don't spin and the led on mobo doeasn't light up..

    psu- input:
    10A max
    5A max

    +12V 18A max
    +5V 40A max

    +3.3V 28A max
    -5V 0.5A max
    -12V 0.5A max

    is this like a typical psu? becouse it came with case and it was really cheap....
  3. Ow yeah reminder :) ... the mobo was beeping even without pressing the power on button.
  4. No ideas?? :(
  5. HI, I've been at computer store at the support centre, the guy there used other psu on my mobo to check if my psu is defected, but even on his it didn't work mobo still didn't went on however on his psu I didn't hear the sound, (since i've bought my mobo there) I' exchanged it for a new one... I've putted again all parts together with the new mobo (and old psu) the mobo led didn't went on and I could hear the same sound again. Please help me, I'm so frustrated :(

    could my psu be screwing up the mobo, and other components??

    Please help
  6. Take it all out of the case and set it up on something that doesn't conduct electricity. Put in just the memory (use just 1 stick if you have more than one), video and power supply, leave out EVERYTHING else. If it still beeps at you, turn it off and use the other memory stick.

    If it starts up, add 1 component at a time until it fails. Start with the keyboard, hard disk, until it either works or it beeps at you (last part in causing problem).

    If you can get it to work outside of the case, then you should use the stand-offs AND the washers that came with the motherboard when you put it back together.

    Still beeping? Take it ALL back to the guy at the store (dissasembled) and have him make it work, or get your money back.

    Pretty simplistic troubleshooting, and I've totally skipped the steps where you make sure to purge static before handling the parts, motherboard jumpers check.....LOTS more; but it should get you started.
  7. I did put it out all of the case and yes the mobo started to light up also cpu fan, vga fan and psu fan started to spin apparently my mobo was touching the case little bit too much :( .. I made sure this time that everything was as it should be... however when I connect it to monitor I get black screen :( ... could my vga and other components get defected? how do I know which are defected and which aren't??

    Please help
  8. I will not be as rude as MrsBytch but she is correct. Sounds like you have no idea what you are doing and you need to get some help. We can/will help you but sounds like you need someone there with you to help to install everything correctly.

    Computer are very simple to put together, but it is also very simple to fry everything.

    Personally I fried 2 chips trying to put together my last computer. Come to find how my fan on the cpu was not working correctly. Luckly Newegg took back both processors with no questions.
  9. thanks for quick response... I've already been at store where my pc was put together after my quite stupid fault :| everything is now where it should be.. except for the black screen ofcourse
  10. ehh.. never mind.. I'll just buy a complete system, my first build didn't work out, it's experience and time it consumed was way too frustrating and long.. maybe someday I'll try it again :P (btw any one want to buy x1950 pro? :P)
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