What is a good temperature monitoring app for a 2900x?

Hi, i recently purchased a sapphire radeon hd 2900xt, and I was wondering what app could I use to check its temperatures? I used ati tools previously, but it does not support the 2900xt, is there a new version of it comming soon? or any other app that I could use?

Thank you for all comments.
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  1. The Catalyst Control Center that came with the card seems to work ok. At least it does here.

    Good luck
  2. Thank You for the information, I saw the "thermomether" like circle, but it was grayed out, and I did not know how to "activate" it. ...any thoughts on it?
  3. Is the grayed out temperature theright one? the one in CCC? im getting 53 to 56 degreez Celsius when idle, just browsing the web, so i guess its a good temperature, or am I wrong?

    Thank You
  4. ATI Tray Tools? Try it, I'm not sure it supports the card, but if it works, it's great.
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