Two Dual 74fx

my question is, I have two dual 74fx cpu's. core 1 and 2 r doing all the work. i never see cre 3 and 4 being used .
i can only see the usage on my disk top, but not when I'm in a game. This is a home pc, did i go over board with to much on the cpu or is something wrong ?? my computor dose read that all 4 cpu's are working :pt1cable:

motherboard - L1N64-sli
2each - 74fx AMD cpu's
4G - ddr2 6400 Ram
3 each -150G raptors Raided 0
1each - 8800 Ultra
Sound Blaster X-fi Gamer
850 watt power suppy
Lian Li case with - 3each upgraded 12mm 2700rpm fans
22" wide screen Samsung LCD
OS - Vista 32 bit Home Premium
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  1. That means the game you are playing doesn't support 4 cores. It may be a multi-threaded game for 2 cores. Supreme commander is one game that supports 4 cores.
  2. supreme commander is *supposed* to support up to 4 cores but I'm yet to see it properly happen eg. 1core for ai each or sumthin they were saying.
  3. Quote:
    OS - Vista 32 bit Home Premium
    I thought only Ultimate or Business could use 2 physical cpus?

    According to this page:
    While all editions of Windows Vista can support multiple core CPUs, only Windows Vista Business, Ultimate, and Enterprise can support dual processors.
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