:bounce: Best MOBO w/AGP + DDR266 (save my aging athlon!)

He guys,

Need to replace my Socket A (athlon xp1700) MOBO.

Looking to save the ATI All in wonder AGP card and 1 Gig (2x512MB) of DDR266.

Will pitch the xp1700 CPU and get a new processor (A64 3800?).

Suggestions PLEASE for best Bang/Buck from a MOBO combo w/AGP + DDR266 support? :lol:


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  1. Long story short: save up and build a new system.
  2. Ummm... I have an Asus A7A266 in my parts box in a closet somewhere. It's still got a 1200MHz T-Bird installed. Make me an offer? Otherwise, check out eBay.
  3. yep, your best bet is eBay, no warehouses let alone retailers hold that ancient stuff anymore, eBay is crawling with suitable boards from $30 to $80 though.
  4. Well, errhh Thanks for the Replies... but....

    This isn't my main system so I'm not looking for the faster ride out there.

    I wanna put this in my living room to act as a TIVO/Music server.

    That all in Wonder card has some nice features (even a remote control, timeshift, etc).

    And I'm not looking for a clunker socket A mobo either.

    Socket 754 and 939 have support DDR1 + AGP and those will run an Athlon64+

    For $60-$80 I can put in a mobo something along these lines:


    Looking for other mobo/combos with low-mid range Athlon 64 (or equiv Intel) that gives lots of Bang/Buck w/DDR266 + AGP support.

    Come on MOBO xperts! Where are your DEALS!!!

  5. P.S.

    Just ordered an Athlon 64 X2 6000 Xfire rig for the study... but that's another thread... ;)
  6. After taking a fresh look at the CPU performance I concluded...

    Semprons SUCK!

    The A64 X2's are the lowest with decent performance the X2 3800 seems the sweetspot but that puts me little choice but to go with the AM2 socket... and LOSE the DDR266 + LOSE the XP1700 core.

    BUT, Looks like I can keep the AGP slot on some MOBO COMBOs... X2 3800's W/ AGP include:

    MSI K9MM-V Socket AM2 VIA K8M800 DDR2 AGP8X RAID (micro ATX)

    Biostar K8M800MAM2

    Both of those MOBO's + X2 3800 = ~ $110
    + Another $42 for 1GB DDR2 = $150

    Twice what I planned to spend so must be the right one ;)

    That gets me back in the game! with some decent performace

    Can this DDR2 be used in single sticks, so I can save one of the two mem slots for later?

    Seems like I read a small performance hit due to loss of dual channel mode??

    See any other MOBO choices for me???

    Sure would like better onboard sound + 1394.

    Transcend JM800QLJ-1G Transcend 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Desk Memory Transcend 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Desktop Memory
  7. Tigerdirect deal is ok, but doesn't include a heatsink. I would go with a newegg open box board with sempron 2600 retail boxed ($25 shipped).
    That's about the cheapest deal you'll find.
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