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Hi Everyone, im posting here to get a idea to what im doing wrong. i built my comp a yr or so ago and it would up load window by the second to middle of the third bar and now it loads up on 7 & 8. I reformated and reformated, to install a Fresh windows but still load up slow as hell why? i ran adaware to clean up, and also do monthly defrag but nothing is help. So is this my harddrive going to hell or just window runing slower now? any ideas would be great appreciated.
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  1. Download UBCD.
    Then run the HDD test depending on your drive.
    If it finds problems, just do a low level format on the drive using the manufacturer's tools.
  2. Run SpinRite 6.0 in mode 5.
    After it repairs the storage and bad sectors reboot and defragment the registy (not the HD it's self),reboot again and then do a regular HD defragment.
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