I unpartitioned an external HDD on accident.. help :)

Can I retrieve the information from the drive somehow? :((
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  1. pleeease
  2. unless you are willing to send it to a data recovery center for thousands of dollars, the answer is no. my suggestion is: learn a lesson about paying attention to the things you do to your machine and don't do this again.
    it's only data, after all.
  3. SuperiorRobot said:
    Can I retrieve the information from the drive somehow? :((

    Probably, since the data is still on there, it's just had the boot tables removed. Paritition EXACTLY as before, don't format, then run GetDataBack's "Recover my Files" recover from format option. You should get most if not all of the files back.
  4. There is software that will find and rewrite the partition information. I had it done several years ago. No need to recover the data.
  5. try using stellar data recovery software or try using testdisk--google it.
  6. Second the http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk. I lost a RAID0 array before, but was able to retrieve all my game saves using testdisk version on the ultimate boot cd I had already burned for Memtest. 8)
  7. sweet you guys rock, cept that first reply, he sucks:D
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