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Now that the prices on the Q6600 have somewhat stabelized i thought i would upgrade to it. I have been looking around to see if this if the one for me, and i see alot of people saying to get the GO stepping over the B3 stepping. i really dont know what this means and I was wondering if there is a big difference in them. I will mostly be using this for games, so i was unsure if i should look for one with a sertain stepping over the other, and how would i tell the difference when i buy it??
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  1. Stepping is basically the version. The G0 stepping is the newer version of the intel cores while B3 was the older Q6600 version. The G0 stepping has a power rating of 95 watts compared to the B3's 105 watts. The G0 also has a higher thermal rating of 72*C compared to the B3's 62*C. Basically G0 is supposed to run cooler and overclock a bit better.
  2. huge difference - i posted in july i did not think there would be but intel fixed many flaws
    infact: all new chips are running much cooler the 6550 rocks!

    go g0
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