Transferring 4.5GB using Fat32?

Hi all. I just recently purchased an 8GB Flash Voyager thumb drive. Right now I have it formatted as Fat32. From my understanding there is a 4GB size limit using Fat32. I want to transfer a DVD image of 4.5 GB's from my computer to play on my DVD player. To get around the 4GB limit I was going to format the drive as NTFS but then read home DVD players won't recognize an NTFS drive? Is there a way to put a single 5GB movie file on a thumb drive to play on a DVD player? Thanks in advance for any help. :)
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  1. Fat32 Isn't limited to 4GB, that's fat/fat16

    FAT (FAT16) is limited to 2.1 GB partitions. That's totally different.

    FAT32 is, theoretically, limited to 2.1 TB partitions, but it never really lasted long enough in the face of NTFS for most to bother.

    What the TC is talking about is having a single file larger than 4 GB on a FAT32 drive. This is not possible. 4 GB is the limit.

    Either convert to NTFS or some Linux-based file system that your DVD player can recognize.

    ...or just burn it on DVD+R or DVD-R.
  3. My mistake, sorry
  4. It is. You should recheck your knowledge, tstedel. As for the OP question, I really don't know anyway around it beside splitting the file. Those things should support MKV with linked files, but unfortunately not.
  5. Actually fat16 is 2GB which is the limit in partition size because most partitioning software only supports 32KB cluster sizes. Using the rare large 64KB size is not recommended because of incompatibilities. Windows 98 fdisk is not cabable of making one for example. While FAT32 does not have this problem and theoretically can go to 2TB the problem lies in max file size under FAT32 which is 4GB. You can find several references in the MS knowledge base. So the OP is in fact correct.

    What he really needs as a DVD mastering program to convert it back to a normal VOB DVD and be done with it forgetting the thumb drive idea or try a split into DIVX files if his player supports it.
  6. Yes, my player does indeed support DivX playback. The idea of splitting the file into two leads me to another question. If I split the file in two 2.2 GB files would I have to write them to the thumb drive in a certain order or would my dvd player just start playing the second part after the first? Or would I have to write the first half, watch it, then write the second half? Most of the rips are vob files but I could easily convert them to avi if that matters. Being that theres no way of getting around the 4GB single file limit I'll most likely just use my trusty DVD-R's anyway, I'm just curious for future reference. And thank you again for all the help/advice. :D
  7. Most players read those image in alphabetic order. Just name them in a sequence I guess. The thing I said above is with mkv linked files, you won't notice there's a gap between files. Converting to DivX, while viable it will reduce the video quality.
  8. Will give it a try. Thanks all. :)
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