need help with mobo selection please


i need help choosing a motherboard with the following features

support the q6600 (im getting the G-0 stepping and want to overclock to about 3ghz because i heard you can do that with the stock fan and heat sink)
needs enough space for 2gb ram corsair ddr2 800mhz (pc2-6400)
gonna get an nvidia gfx card but i havnt decided which one yet.
want at least 2 pci express slots
must have SATA enough for 2 hard drives and 2 cd drives

i have looked around at some but i thought i would ask the expert advice before i buy. my budget is about £120-130.

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  1. oh and just to add to that, would be nice if it dint have on board gfx but i would like on board sound 7.1

  2. Ive got a P5B-D and a B3 q6600

    Running 3.0 on the Q stock cooler will be a prob with temps.
    I did the vdroop pencil mod, which helps, im running 1.15v @ 2.7 stock cooler, just put water back on last night.

    This board may no longer be sold, but a P5K or something would be even better.
  3. whats the best motherboard going these days in terms of price and performance? is it asus or gigabyte?
  4. also just had a look at the p5k-e, it says has 4 optional usb's is that extra sockets or 4 altogether? are there none integrated into the board?
  5. oh nevermind just read a bit closer lol
    its got 6 on board and 4 extra so 10 altogether, thats a decent board im gonna go with that, thanks for your help
  6. sorry to be a pain in the arse but do you think a 600W psu will be enough for this type of systen?
  7. 600 will be more than enough.

    Vid card: eVGA Geforce 8800 GTS 320 MB
    Motherboard: Gigabyte P35 DS3R. I know this is a good mobo cuz I got lots of recommendations plus, its sold out everywhere in my area
  8. Hey there, p5n32-e SLI (not plus) is a pretty good board for the price. You can break 500mhz on the NB, supports true sli (2 16x), and has another pci-e slot for physx, running at 8x (yea I know it's usless lol).6 sata ports.
    Great for overclocking and tweaking. It also supports the new 45nm cpu comin soon.
    eVGA's 680i board has had some pretty sweet reviews on it to. Lil pricy, but nice board. Havn't heard anythin about 45nm support but it should since its running the 680 chip.
    P35 chips are sweet overclockers, and some support ddr3. But if your a nvidia guy, I havn't found one that supports SLI (if you ever want to run it :) ) And ddr3 is just crazy pricy if you wanna run that. (does support new cpu's :) )
    But if yurra overclocker, need lots of options, need SLI, support for 45nm, then p5n32-sli is a pretty good board. It's basically the same board as the striker without all the bell's and whistles, thus saving you money.
  9. whats the max FSB? on that p5n32 board is it 1066 or 1333?
  10. and also will the newer intel chips comign in 2008/09 still have lga775 sockets?
  11. 1333
  12. Yes the 45nm with be lga775.
    Heres the asus compatible boards
  13. But 1333 is the "advertised" max fsb. I believe max is (without modding bla bla) 513ish x 4 = 2052mhz
  14. for motherboard review check :
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