Problem booting XP on my ASUS notebook

My ASUS notebook which I bought last year is unable to boot. Before booting it gives me 4 options
1)safe mode
2)safe mode with networking
3)safe mode with command prompt
4)Last known good configuration
5)start windows normally.
I have used all the options but it does not seem to boot. It goes to a blue screen where something is written which I am unable to read because it disappears instantaneously and then the notebook starts to restart again.I cant even get into BIOS setup.
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  1. Insert your OS (XP) Cd or Recovery CD in your CD/dvd drive, and set the bios to boot from CD rom.
    Try booting from a XP disc and select R for recovery.
    Then try to do a chkdsk /r to repair.
    If that doesn't work, go back in and try fixmbr to fix the master boot record, and the fixboot which writes a new partition boot sector.
  2. Michael Stevens has a nice article here on how to do a repair install XP without re-formatting and losing files. I've done this several times and it works. You'll need your original XP CD - don't forget go to windows update afterwards, the repair install eliminates all the security updates.
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