P5W DH J Micron IDE Connector Woes

I have a asus p5w dh deluxe. I want to chain together two IDE hard drives (one seagate, one western digital) and A NEC CD burner with a NEC Dvd Rom. THe board has two IDE controllers, and I've flashed my board BIOS to the latest stable update (revision 2004).

anyway, the JMicron controller at the bottom of the board doesnt support ATAPI Devices (It would have been nice for this to be mentioned somewhere else besides fine print in the manual). However, doing a google and a little research on the topic reveals that this is not exactly true, but no one actually seems to have a sure fire way for it work, it seems to be a more luck of the draw thing.

I've tried mixing and matching the drives in every possible way, and nothing seems to work. Right now, I have the DVD/CD Drives attached to the IDE connector closer to the RAM. This connector works fine. I have the two Hard Drives connected to the JMicron Contoller. Upon startup, the machine detects the CPU, my RAM, and my DVD/CD Drives. It then flashes to a new screen, where it has the JMicron controller detecting my two hard drives. The names of both drives are actually on the screen along with thteir capacities. At that point it enters setup. Setup detects both my CD/DVD Drives as primary IDE master and Slave.However, It neglects to list the secondary master and slave. THey are simple not there. This is the controller my HDD are connected to. It also lists the third master/slave and fourth master/slave as not detected (the board treats SATA controllers as IDE Controllers).

So my questions are these:
-What is an ATAPI Device, and are my HDD ATAPI Devices?
-Does anyone else have any experience working with the JMicron IDE Controller and getting it to detect ATAPI Devices?
-Since my HDD are connected, but not shown in BIOS, does this mean they have been detected?
-If not what would be the easiest workaround this without spending any money to buy more hardware?

if I was to need to buy something to make this work, what would probably be the best for me to buy? The way I see it, I could buy a IDE Controller PCI card (if they even still make these lol), find an adapter to put an IDE Drive on a Sata Port, or just buy an actual SATA DVD Drive and get rid of my old IDE CD ROM Drives.

Thanks for your input, its much appreciated, Ive been working at this problem all day...
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  1. When I gave my IDE DVD Rom drive to a friend (I wanted a sata DVD-RW) and installed my sata DVD-R in my bios in "Boot Device Priority" 1st WD HDD & 2nd ATAPI Asus DVD-R. It was displayed under AHCI as ATAPI DVD Device. Hope this helps. Then I turned off my JMicron controller forever.
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