Hows creative speaker systems nowdays ?

I forgot to upgrade my boston speaker systems (when i upgraded my computer) since only 2 speakers work i was looking at creative to go with my audigy ex plat 2 . I dont see any reason to update the sound card since it works well but being big on games is it worth while to get a 7.1 or is a 5.1 system good enough?
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  1. Creative Systems are very good. But personally, I prefer Logitech systems, I think they have better Bass and are better to my ears.But that's all personal.

    Go for the one u like, it's not easy to hear the differences between them.

    If u r big on games, i suggest u get the lowest end X-Fi chip, EAX effects are way better than software sound and really give me the edge, especially in FPS games (BF2142, CS:S) cuz i can hear exactly where the shots are coming from. I don't know if ur card has EAX feature but if it does, then there is no reason to upgrade.

    Get 5.1 speakers, u will appreciate it cuz u will enjoy music, games, and movies much better this way. IMO 7.1 are a waste of money

    - Hope this helps.
  2. the best computer speakers i have ever heard of are the logitech z - 5500s they aren't uber expensive, they sound great and if you ahve a 30" lcd like me, they go great for home theater on the side too.
  3. OK well ive got a short list to look at .....
    A Creative s750 or the The logitech Z5500
    time to check on price etc then decide thanks.
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