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hi all,

I currently have vista and all data installed on one Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 500gb.
I was wondering if it was possible to transfer just my OS and games to a quicker drive like a 147gb raptor and leave all my films, music and pictures on my 500gb. This is mainly because I would like to have quicker load times with games like FSX and cod4 without having to reinstall vista to the raptor. I know imaging software like ghost exists but is it possible to use software like this to transfer just the OS and program files, without having to reinstall games and software.

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  1. Id leave the os on the 500 and reinstall the games on the raptor. Unless you have like 100s of games it shouldn't take that long.
  2. Or you could use Nortons Ghost program. Google it, you might find a free demo.
  3. it'll be much less of a hassle just to reinstall everything. i tried the ghosting thing, but it really works best when you have two identical drives. trying to ghost a 500 gb drive to a 174gb drive will most likely be a problem as the program tries to create a 500gb image on a much smaller disk. i could be wrong, these are just some bumps i encountered while trying to do the same thing. now, when i want to change disks, i just make sure all my data is backed up, my programs are ready for reinstall, and start over. it takes a few hours, but less time than trying to obtain and use ghosting software.
  4. Thanks for the advice everyone. i think i'm going to go for sturms idea as after all its mainly game perforrmance i'm after. didn't really think of doing it like that so thanks for the help.
  5. just ordered my raptor! but is it possible to transfer my games like cod4, fsx, graw2 to the raptor without having to reinstall them? Is it possible to simply drag and drop?
  6. it's possible, but you have to edit registry, edit save games etc. Better copy your save games to other folder and reinstall your games then overwrite the new save games with the old one. usually those games create a save games folder in my documents.
  7. ok thanks for the quick reply slicessoul. Thats mainly what I was worried about - losing all my save data.

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