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Hello, I have the same problem as Anonymous 01-18-2010. Has anone found a fix and only slightly less importantly, why this happened? AS per lembi2001 's answer, I checked and my default printer is still the original hardware, but there are two 'new' printers: Microsoft Office Document Image Writer
Microsoft XPS Image Writer
this doesn't seem to have happened to a laptop on the same home network which gets the same MS updates and runs the same programs except Firefox 3.5.7 rather than Firefox 3.6 om the (faulty) desktop.
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  1. "Microsoft Office Document Image Write" is available by default & xps viewer in as document viewer from windows & it available with win 7 default, not sure about previous version..
    its also available when you installed Ms .net framework 3 & Xps viewer by your own
  2. :bounce: :hello: Problem fixed. In the Print dialog, the directed Printer had become Microsoft XPS Document Writer, even though the default printer in the Control Panel List was the Printer. Ah computers....... Thanks to those who gave my problem some thought.
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