Seagate free agent external hard drive

i just bought a new "Seagate free agent desktop external hard drive".
my my computer seems not to see it when i pulg it in.. my internal hard drive is a SCSI seagate hard drive.

can anyone pls help me ?
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  1. do other usb devices work? Have you tried all usb ports? What os and mobo do you have? Do you get the little new hardware detected bubble when you plug it in?
  2. yea, all usb ports work.
    i'm on windows xp.
  3. I haven't used "seagate" external drives before but most are the same.. Do you get any or any response from the drive? I would plug the drive into another computer to make sure it works.

    Here are the instructions to see if the drive is recognized by your computer.

    If it is, follow the instructions to set up the drive. If it is not, the drive is probably bad and should be exchanged.
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