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Need Advice on best CPU Cooling Fan For My System

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October 16, 2007 8:58:34 AM

Hey Guys,

I Need some advice i need the best CPU Cooling Fan possible for my new build. I am using the new intel 3.0 QUAD Core, witch i uderstand runs much hotter that the previous 2.66

My computer case is a bit narroe so there is a small space issue if not i would clearly get the Thermalright ULtra Extreme as It is the best performance CPU Cooler on the market.

But bescause of the hieght issue i need something more low profile Two CPU Heatsinks come to mind unless someone can sugest something better. The Thermalright ULTIMA-90 or the Scythe Ninja.

Silent PC Review usually has the answer but I have not been able to find a comparison between both CPU coolers,

HERE IS ONE REVIEW that comapers the Ninja CPU Cooler to The Ultimas's BIG Brother the Thermalright ULtra Extreme

Clearly the Thermalright is the winner however theye do not mention the new Ultima-90.

I found the Scythe Ninja at a great price at Acoustic PC and it includes a fan for only $ 32.95

The same retailer\online store offer the Thermalright ULTIMA-90 for $ 44.95 witch also seems to be the best price i have found

However the Themrlaright does not include a fan on there CPU Heatsinks, witch is not an issue anyway since i plan to get a new fan reguardless of what CPU cooler I buy BECAUSE I know a free include fan is not going to be the best anyways i need something quiet with lots of airflow like a Silenx fan.

I have bought from Acoustic PC before but the guy I usually deal with over there and ask for advice is out of town. The folks at Acoustic PC have proven to be really knowleadgeable as well as great service and fair prices in the past but i always like to double check the info and i can't find a review out there to back this up theye say the smaller ULTIMA-90 works within a degree of the Extreme witch should put it right bin the middle in performance between the Ultra Extreme and the smaller but less perorming Ninja cpu cooler also they pointed out theye feel the manufacturing on the Thermalright is superior as well as Nickle plated for anti corrosion witch is a nice featrure but like i said i need the best performance CPU cooler and i usually replace my thermal compound every 6-8 months or so witch by the way that brings me into another subject I usually use arctic silver NO. 5 anyone have any info OR EXPERIENCE with this Shin-Etsu Thermal grease

So if any one can provide me with a review comparing the Ninja CPU Cooler to the Thermalright ULTIMA-90 i


Also on the Shin-Etsu Thermal compound !

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