Troubleshooting windows vista internet 64 bit

i have a globe usb stick and when i try to use it i get a message that windows vista has stopped the internet from working, close the page. i do and a message comes up saying site recovered, the net comes on and immediatly the internt stops working
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  1. Sorry but I don't really understand what you're doing.

    So you havea USB memory stick, you plug it in then you get a message pop up saying the internet has stopped working. You close the box then the internet stops working all together?

    Are you able to provide a screenshot of the message at all?

    What do you mean it stops working exactly? Can you open IE at all? Its worth check in Tools, Internet Options, Connections, LAN Settings and that Automatically detect IP settings is ticked...
  2. @maybrick -- Think he means a Globe T@ttoo USB broadband internet Modem !

    In which case according to their troubleshooting guide :

    4. My Internet connection is not working, I cannot browse the Internet. How do I fix this problem?

    A. Check if this is a hardware problem.
    • Check all cable connections are properly plugged in
    • Check if modem is on and all of the lights are lit
    • Reset modem power
    • Restart computer

    B. Check if this is a software/system configuration problem.
    • Check your anti-virus if the security setting is on high or the firewall is enabled
    • Check your PC for possible infection of viruses, spywares or worms
    • Check browser settings, there should be no proxy server assigned on the settings
    • Check if the LAN port you are using is enabled and connected
    To do this, follow the procedures below:

    Windows XP/2000
    Click Start then Control Panel
    Double Click Network Connections then right click Local Area Connection
    Select Disable, right click Local Area Connection again then select enable.

    Windows Vista
    Click Start then Control Panel
    Double Click Network and Internet then Network and Sharing Center
    Click Manage network connections then right click LAN or High-Speed Internet
    Select Disable, right click LAN or High-Speed Internet again then select enable.

    C. If none of this solved your problem, please call our 24-Hour Customer Care numbers:
    NCR/Luzon (02)730-1000
    Visayas/Mindanao (032)410-8888
    Toll-free number from any Globe Landline 171

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