Please i desperately need help with 8600 gts graphics card in E520!!!!

Please i desperately need to know if the nvidia 8600 gts would fit into the case of my Dell E520 i am looking to upgrade but i've heard that there may be issues with space. I need to buy it tomorrow if i am going to get it at all so immediate replies would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Dont know what size your case is but if you open the attached you can measure up
  2. Thanks, but unless im embarrasing myself does this say that the card is 4 inches thick?
  3. The 4.376 inch refers to how far across the board is or how high it will stick out of your mother board remember to allow for the pins to go in the socket.
  4. Oh, ok thanks v much :D the only problem is that the card i tried in for size was actually hittifng toff the capacitors on the motherboard so its really the card thickness i need. That was very useful tho.
  5. That card should be fine on a 300W power supply as far as I know.
  6. Thats it thanks very very much :D :D
  7. No probs :D see you about the forum
  8. Yes it will. Take it from a E521 owner.
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