X-Fi XtremeGamer vs. onboard sound GA-P35C-DS3R ?

Hi all...
is it worth getting a sound card? I get decent sound out of my GA-P35C-DS3R using the onboard audio, hooked to Logitech z-5300 speakers. What advantages would the sound card give me? are there any online links that have sound recordings of mobo audio vs. the X-Fi ?

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  1. Most onboard sound today are okay, some of them are horrible. There may be a few that are good, but then they are most likely of high quality brands. I upgraded the onboard audio "Karajan" from my DFI motherboard to an Auzentech Mystique. The sound was more, crisp, clear and it had more definition. While I was playing "Raven Shield", there were some sounds I've never heard before, or they weren't distinct or noticeable when I played on the "Karajan audio". It was well worth it to me. The only downside, is that the Mysique consumed more resources then the "Karajan audio". Perhaps if you buy the more expensive XI-FI, it would not cosume as much resources, or probably even free up more resources. Listening to MP3's also sound better too.
  2. Xi-Fi will give more voices in supported games (most of them) and quality is VERY good.

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