Is my configuration is that slow for photoshop????

well this my two year old pc configuration
core 2 duo E7500(overclocked to 3.37)
gtx 260
4 gb ddr3 ram
Asus p5 g41t-mlx 3
windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

I only installed photoshop cs3 and i was surprised it was slow(only now i started using photoshop now)...what could be the reason? even NFS run was running awesome @ high settings....mhmm but i'll upgrade my pc this decemeber but till then i need to use this pc...well since cs3 is old or whats the problem?
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  1. Photoshop does take a while to start up, your system is not that slow, it's probably normal speed for the application.
  2. I know that the new version of photoshop is GPU-accelerated. I don't know about the other versions. Install the trial of the new one and see if it speeds up the program for you. Also you can settup a scratch disk on another drive or usb drive to speed up the program.
  3. I've used Photoshop on much on slower machines (even used CS3 on slower machines) and it should be very usable...
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