please help! what is going on with new build!?

Not long ago I built myself a new PC, put it together and it works great. I consider myself pretty computer savvy when it comes to putting one together, however :

This weekend my friend got his components for a new pc he wanted me to build, the components are :

Intel E6750
'super flower' 14cm 600w PSU

The build went fine, no problems there, everything fits etc, now...heres where things get confusing and bad:

We press the power button....thepower comes on, fans all work, psu is running....but thats all. No post screen. The CPU fan moves a bit but doesnt come on. So we have to try again...

This time, the same thing happens.... we try again

This time, everything comes on (including CPU, we are in post. we check all the settings of temp/mb voltage and psu volatage...everything seems fine. we save settings and exit... then we get the first problem again! The CPU fan doesnt come on and theres no post.

we try everything from moving the ram, changing the mobo connector settings. disconnect periphs and cd drives. same problem. Then, we try again. the computer comes on...but then turns itself off again. then it waits about 5 seconds. the power comes back on.... everything is working fine.. post screen coems on, then all of a sudden. the computer switches back off.....and then waits......then on again! this time we get the first problem again!

So we switch to a different MOBO : the ASUS p5k-e it powers on, everything seems fine. we get into the windows setup screen. as soon as it says 'windows will now start' the computer turns itself off! we try again and again, and the pc still refuses to make it past this point.

Im thinking it might be psu? i did research on the psu he got, and found virtually nothing. i found reviews that really werent helpful at all. and the site for the company was in broken english with no contact details and just had random pictures and scarce info on their products.??

i have the same MOBO (ps5-ds3r) in my pc now except with a thermaltake toughpower 750w and it works fine (running a 8800gtx aswell)

what is going on!!!???
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  1. Could be your original power supply. I have a superflower 140mm 450w with single 20 amp 12v rail, and I've never had a problem with it. I wish they still made them, but superflower either went out of business or was bought out by someone else.
  2. First, I'd pull out your working PSU and try it in his PC. Or try his RAM and/or video card in your working PC. Also/or, try very minimal devices plugged in at first, namely: CPU, 1 stick of RAM (try one, then the other), and video card. That's it. Just enough to get into BIOS and then try adding 1 more device at a time see if anything keeps it from working.
  3. Another possibility is your motherboard standoffs. They could be shorting out the board. You might want to check them for good measure.
  4. yah groveling wyrm could be right, maybe you io sheild is not all the way in the case touch the mobo and shorting it, just make sure that case isnt touching the mobo anywhere.
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