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I want to add a hdd to my E510 dual core. The reason is to partion it for Photoshop scratch, and use the rest for storage. I'll have to stash it into a bay below the CD drive because Dell doesn't believe in wasting space in their boxes.
So I'm thinking of either a Seagate Sata or ATA drive. If I connect an Ata to the CD drive/slave I think it'll work.
But I'd like to go Sata for the speed/performance.

My question is, can I add a Sata without also adding a controller card? My pci slots are pretty much spoken for.
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  1. The motherboard has 2 sata connectors on it, so unless you already have 2 sata hard drives, yes you can add another without needing a controller card.
  2. The E510 has 2 SATA connections on the Motherboard, from what it says in the specifications on the dell website.

    If you go ATA you will need to set the jumpers on the CD drive and Harddrive to Master and Slave(one master and the other slave)

    Just make sure the you have another SATA power plug or get a adapter. If you want speed get the SATA because ATA is 133 and SATA is 150 or 300.

    If you look at the Harddrive location at the lower forward corner on the case you can place another drive in the other spot. It should have the caddy in the slot to install the hard drive.

  3. I should have mentioned that. I've got 2, one a mirror.

    What do you think of me installing an ATA in that case. Will it be fast enough for PS scratch?
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