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I just bought an XTX Geforce 7950GT 512 MB AGP card as a last upgrade for my 3 years old socket 939 rig. The problem is that whenever I install a driver (and I've tried plenty now), the screen goes black after displaying the Windows XP logo and loading bar. It's black for about 20 seconds, whereafter the computer reboots and I arrive at the screen where I can choose to boot Windows in safe-mode. If I choose that, the computer runs perfectly. If I uninstall the graphic drivers, I can start it in normal-mode. With any drivers installed, normal-mode fails after the Windows logo displays, as mentioned earlier.

Once I managed to actually get into Windows in normal-mode, with drivers installed. I thought everything was actually finally working, so I tested some games. After an hour though, the computer suddenly entirely froze in Windows, not even the pointer was working. After that, it rebooted and I experienced the usual black screen error.

I've tried the newest official nVidia driver, the beta driver, other modded drivers such as DNA, and older drivers. Some drivers won't even install because it says the installer can't recognize the current hardware (the graphics card). After each uninstall, I've run Driver Cleaner Pro in Windows safe-mode. I've also tried lowering the hardware acceleration to 0, yet the same error occurs.

My rig is as follows:

Motherboard: MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum
Ram: 2x512 Corsair TWINX 3200XL Pro and 2x1024 Corsair TWINX 3200XL Pro (3 gigs total)
CPU: AMD Athlon64 3500+
PSU: Corsair 620W

What's annoying is that I had the exact same card two weeks ago, and that one was malfunctioning so I sent it back to get it changed to another one. And that old card worked with the drivers, but it had another error. So I'm starting to suspect that this card is malfunctioning too.

Thanks for any replies on how I could sort this issue out.
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  1. i would strongly suggest you go to newegg.com and find this card and read all the reveiws as many have had problems with this card and there are some with solutions to them. well, here's the link!


    also check with invida's fforums as well. good luck!
  2. strangely i had the same exact problem with my 6200agp in my old VIA chipset socket A mobo. i think i solved it by reseating the card, installing 77.77 drivers (CD drivers only ones that worked heh..) and then i needed to do something in device control..but yea i had the SAME problem with the black screen and whatnot. it flashed the welcome screen and then BSOD ocasionally before the restart..good luck man
  3. well, you could always try formatting your hdd and reinstalling windows, that might solve it, and would eliminate software as being the issue
  4. i really think it must have something to do with the agp bus.. try lowering the speed, i can't quite remember how i fixed my problem :(
  5. doubletake33
    Thanks, doesn't seem like the card is very reliable according to those reviews... the solutions didn't work though :(

    Thanks, though the drivers on the cd didn't work... got the message that the installer couldn't recognize the current hardware.

    Thanks, but I formated the whole harddrive about two weeks ago so it's all fresh.
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