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I've been using windows live onecare safety scanner but it looks like they're going to be taking it down so I need to find a replacement scanner that checks for all sorts of system problems. Virus, spyware, system errors, network scan. It doesnt matter if its one scanner or many I just need a reliable scanner(s) to check whats gotten into my system. Virus, spyware, system/disk errors, registry, and whatever else might be wrong.

I already use mcafee but my system has been acting really odd lately (freezing and crashing) so I wanted to do a full scan without having to download anything, mcafee didnt find anything so I followed my usual routing for this situation and went to try the safety scanner but its apparently being taken down :(
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    GET RID of the Mcafee it is useless!

    Free antivirus!

    FREE spyware adware , malware remover!

    Registry and windows cleaner and free!

    Hope these help!
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