Port Forwarding through two Routers.

I had this thread posted in the Wireless section and no one have been able to assist me, so I am posting it here.

My landlord is providing me with an Internet Connection. And he is doing it by splitting the internet through a Wireless router from the Cable Modem, and I am using my own router to get wireless and connect two computers wired.

All is fine with internet working without any problems.

What I want to know is how I could go about doing port forwarding for this setup.

I want to forward a port to the WAN IP. With a single router it's pretty simple, but how can I go about doing this with two routers ?

Any one done this or could give me a clear picture as to how this could be done ?

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  1. would you not need access to his router to change the port forwarding?
  2. Yes, and he has given me access to it.
  3. You will need to forward the port on the first router to the IP address of the second router. You will then forward the port on the second router to your computer IP address like normal. This should work.
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