still have to mess round with drivers for SATA300 at OS install??

couple of years ago when i did my last OS install (XP) on to a SATA 300 hard drive (Hitachi Deskstar), i remember i had to mess around with drivers on a floppy disk and hitting F6 mid-OS-install.

will i still have to do all that now, when i put together a new XP build, with brand new mobo and new HD (still SATA 300, e.g. Samsung F1)??

...if yes, what about Vista? same action needed during OS install to get SATA2 drive recognised&working?

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  1. If you connect your SATA drive to the non-Raid ports you won't need a F6 driver. Configure it as IDE, not RAID, not AHCI in the bios.
    Same applies to Vista also.
  2. great, thanks :)
  3. DO you know how long it took me back in the day to figure out the F6/RAID drivers needed on a new build using SATA drives? LIKE ALL FRICKING DAY. I was pissed as hell and that was by far the most frustrating computer build ever!
  4. Rilex man, chill out...just use nLite to integrate those driver(s) and you're all set...
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