Help! EVGA e-Geforce 6800 GS dual screen resolution problems

Hello everyone

I was wondering if someone could help me out with some advice. I have 2 Dell SE198WFP 19 inch wide screen LCD screens connected to my EVGA e-GeForce 6800 GS in both the AGP and DVI.

The problem is that the resolution in the DVI monitor is not going to its native resolution (1440 x 900) but its going to a different resolution (1280 x 1024). Ive tested the monitor and cable and find no fault with them. Also, I just made the DVI the only monitor, and it still was unable to go up to the highest native resolution (still stuck at the original resolution). Also, the monitor is going from DVI-D male to DVI-I female. I dont think thats a problem either, but could anyone suggest a problem. Im leaning towards video card problems but its nice to hear advice from people who actually know something.

Thanks for you Help
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  1. Hi

    I encountered this problem when I upgraded the nVidia drivers (from 94.24 to 162.18 ... (yeah, I realize that this is a LONG time between driver updates .... but, if it ain't broke, don't fix it yea? ... hence my current problem.))

    I was able to resolve the problem by downgrading to the 94.24 driver version... Still trying to decide if I should simply leave the old drivers as they are, or upgrade the drivers in steps, or clean-install Windoze with the most current drivers.

    bunny... did this problem occur after a driver update? or out of the blue?
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