Error 5 when installing service pack 2

I got an error 5:access denied could not back up registry key when trying to install Service Pack 2 for Windows xp
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  1. Has the registry key already been used? If so, you would more than likely have to order a replacement registry key from one of Microsoft's caller lines. I beileve a new key would cost around 20 USD, not quite sure though. Hopefully, this will help. :??:
  2. you can edit the Permissions on this
    registry key to see if doing so will allow the installation of SP2 to
    complete :

    Start > Run > type in

    Click OK or press Enter

    Click the plus sign next to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
    Scroll down to .dvr-ms
    *Right* clickt .dvr-ms and choose Permissions
    Make sure that System is listed with these Permissions:

    Full Control

    If not, check those boxes and then click Apply, OK.
    Close the registry editor.
    Then read the pre-installation links that PABear provided.

    IF the Access Denied message appears after doing all of the above, check
    specifically, the 'Access Denied' section.
  3. Log-on as Administrator and disable your anti-virus application before
    attempting to install WinXP SP2.

    Windows XP Service Pack 2 Problem Solver:

    What to Know Before Downloading/Installing SP2

    Installing SP2 Step-by-Step;[ln];xpsp2insthowto

    Troubleshooting Your Installation;[ln];xpsp2insttshoot

    WinXP SP2 FAQ: What to do after installing SP2;ln;xpsp2installed

    Service Pack (any) Installation Checklist (MVP Jupiter Jones)

    WinXP SP2-specific Page (MVP Jupiter Jones)

    The hard disk space requirements for Windows XP Service Pack 2
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