6750 not running at 2.66, running slower

I have a 6750, never been touched by overclocking and i have a gigabyte p35-dsr mobo...

when i run CPU Z, the clock speed shows at 2000, i thought it would be running at like 2660 or 2666, its running considerably slower than what it should....

Its weird on my XFX video card, its only showing it has 256 instead of 320 on my 8800 GTS....

Im also running Vista Ultimate 32bit in case that helps at all... still trying to figure out all the things in windows and how it works

If anyone knows the answers to any of these.. please let me know
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  1. Intel SpeedStep...Intel SpeedStep...
  2. yomamafor1 said:
    Intel SpeedStep...Intel SpeedStep...

    Yes he is right, when your systems at idle this is called SpeedStep. Its shutting down parts of the processer that are not active, effectively reducing power consumption.
  3. I think it's funny how often this question come up.... really. It's been asked tons of times. I jus think it's slightly amusing.

    But yeah, systemlord is right. It doesn't affect performance at all. Once the extra power is needed, it puts the speed back to where it should be.

    And I'm not really sure what's up with your videocard. I'm sure it still uses all of the RAM, even if it does not report it...
  4. sorry, but somehow i doubt it is speedstep, speedstep drops the multi down to 6x, 6x266=1596 (approx 1.6ghz), he says his is at 2ghz
  5. He can check it in bios, also he cud post the fsb and multi to make sure!
  6. Actually rammedstein it's an e6750 so it runs at 333 fsb.. so that's 333x6 which 1.99 Ghz. It's probably Speedstep.
    Or it could be running at 266 fsb if you didnt update your bios to F2.
    Check the multiplier, if it is 8 and the cpu is running at 2 Ghz (266x8) then you will need to update your bios to F2 version or greater to make it run at 333 fsb, if the multiplier is 6 at the same speed (333x6) then it's definately speedstep.
  7. my bad, i didnt see the 50 so i instantly though 6700
  8. Quote:
    Dont you people ever read your manuals???
    Theres some idiot on here every day asking why his cpu doesnt run the right speed......geeeesh, read your friggin manual!!

    While this is very true, for me once I start building and have the parts in my hand you just try and stop me. :D We have all been there where we forget the little things because its so exciting. I for one didn't read the white book that came with my CPU either.
  9. There is nothing in the manual about this.. if there is... i totally missed it... but if Mrs Bytch can find it, i will think he or she is a god, but if she or he cant... then he can shut up and suck it.

    For everyone else... thanks for the info... i guess ill have to look and see what my bios is set up at. I guess i never thought about the speedstep thing.
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