POLL - BEST Hard Drive Manufacturer? :ctrlaltdelpc:

What is the best hard drive manufacturer based on reliability, performance, customer service, warranty/RMA etc.
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  1. The only drive I don't like is Maxtor.
    The WD Raptor is awesome.
    I don't know enough about Fujitsu and Samsung.
    Seagate needs to work a little harder to get back on top.
  2. I've been using mostly WD since 1989. The last time one died was in 1992. :)

    Seagate has 5-year warranties (WD only 3-year). This is a plus, but TBH after 3 years I'll be very tempted to replace a disk anyway and install its bigger brother in there. The sweet spot is now 750 GB. What was it 3 years ago, 120 GB?

    Fujitsu is on my black list after I bought some "16x" DVD+R disks from them and they worked at 8x or even 4x. Of course, their hard disk division has nothing to do with that, but I don't care :)

    Hitachi disks cost 3 times more than very similar WD disks, at least where I live. I'd give them a chance, if they cost the same as the WD.
  3. If i could vote twice id go Seagate nad WD but went with WD cause i have more of them without fail.
  4. hmm To me I am having a good experience with samsung lately because i bought about 5samsung HDD's they never gave me trouble even with rough use. Maxtor and seagate has died on me.I think hitachi is good too but bit noisy.OLD Quantum Fire balls are great HDD's anybody remember them ???
  5. lolitha said:
    hmm To me I am having a good experience with samsung lately because i bought about 5samsung HDD's they never gave me trouble even with rough use. Maxtor and seagate has died on me.I think hitachi is good too but bit noisy.OLD Quantum Fire balls are great HDD's anybody remember them ???

    Haha Fireballs... ive still got 2 that work... They are AWESOME
  6. BigFoot are the best! :P
  7. Seagate... thats why they are #1
  8. I've used WD, Seagate, and Samsung extensively, and I have been pleased with all of them. The Samsungs are probably the quietest, followed by the Seagates, then the WD. WD is the only manufacturer I;ve had die on me recently, but they also make my oldest drives, so that doesn't count.
  9. Western Digital or Seagate.
  10. chookman said:
    Haha Fireballs... ive still got 2 that work... They are AWESOME

    I got 2 fireballs also all these time I have formatted them them more than 30 times ad they are working almost 24*7 and they are working withot a problem ..... But bit noisey
  11. over here, seagate is usually 5€ more expensive than WD
    but Seagate has a 5 year waranty...

    IMO Seagate wins

    and why hasn't this vote bug been fixed yet? (not being able to see your results)
  12. I don't think there's a significant difference between any of the manufacturers... I know that Maxtor was sub-par several years back, but then Seagate bought them so there shouldn't be any difference between Maxtors and Seagates.
  13. Seagate hands down for me. Only company of all my drives that hasn't died yet, Have around 5 seagate drives, two of them are 6 years old in a raid 0, still purring along. So far half of my WD drives have died. You can't beat seagate's warranty either. WD only supports 5 year on a select few HD's (Raptors mostly).
  14. Based on my personal experience, I would say IBM. They sold their hard drive division to Hitachi.

    Why IBM? My 60GB IBM Deskstar 75GPX has lasted from 2000 to summer 2007 without any problems. I finally decided to retire it, but I still have it.

    I had problems with WD; two 160GB HDDs developed bad sectors and became 130GB and 140GB HHDs.

    I bought 1 Seagate 80GB hard drive which died within 3 months. The replacement has been performing fine though.

    One Hitachi 160GB hard drives died, replacement is fine.

    Maxtor is by far the worst and is permanently blacklisted. 4 failed drives in 3 years.
  15. i'm totally amazed by the number of votes Seagate got.

    When i was a teenager, i used to work for an OEM as a technician, and within the company, Seagate was always considered the cheapest/least quality option.

    And where is IBM? HP/Compaq? Quantum? Adaptec? CMS? Overland?

    I'm sure at least a few of you guys have seen HP/Compaq fiber channel drives. They are second to none. You will only see them in the top of the line Proliant servers.

    Adaptec SAS drives are the best in the world. Don't believe me, ask IBM.

    I think this topic should have been called "What is the best mainstream hard drive manufacturer"

    And for that i stand strongly against WD.
    But I must say that Seagate has a very good warranty department
  16. Seagate forever, have had WD fail on me 3 times all 3 times within 2 years
  17. U asked where is IBM.... it was sold to Hitachi and they are on the list.

    U asked about Quantum.... they bought out Maxtor or vise versa.. well I assume they bought them out because a couple of years ago when you bought a Maxtor drive in box and opened it, it said Quantum on the drive. I still have an 80GB Quantum Maxtor drive. And apparently, according to the guy above Maxtor was bought out by Seagate but..

    When i first started building computers around 1999 I bought Maxtor all the way and everyone of them died...and died quickly. All CompUSA drives were rejected Maxtor drives that's why they were so cheap.

    I then switched to WD and all of them died. They lasted longer than Maxtor but, all eventually died. I think I might have 1 160GB left but that's it.

    I now have 4x 160GB WD hard drives sitting here all dead. 2 of them brand new just out of the OEM warranty which is 1 yr. Yes I checked them all on WD's website.

    I now have:


    All Seagate and the only one that does not work is 1 300GB. All 3 of the 300GB's were shipped from out of state to a friend and then a year later to me and one died in transit. Most of these drives are several years old and all have lasted longer than any Maxtor or WD I have ever had.

    I also have a Hitachi laptop drive that is like ancient and still kicking. It came from a 1GHz IMB ThinkPad. T23 I think but, it's old.

    That's my $.02
  18. I have been using Seagate ever since I bought my first PC... also used Maxtor too. I guess both of these brands are the best on this business.
    My friend is using WD, they are cheaper than Seagate or Maxtor but I'm not sure of its durability.
  19. chookman said:
    Haha Fireballs... ive still got 2 that work... They are AWESOME

    I have an old fireball being used as a paperweight arond here somewere... resilient old thing though, still works.

    I'm not loyal to any company (for HDDs anyways).
    I've never had a drive fail on me.
    I remember for my 3rd computer, my mother went over the top and splurged for a 80GB HDD, then my next had 80GB, then the next had 80GB (2005), then the next had 80GB (2007), then I finally got a 250gb (2007) and finally got a 1tb (2009). Only until I got the 250GB did I finally start filling the HDD anyways.
    Though my first comp (not actually mine, but whatever), didn't have a 1gig... but my mother kept using that beast for 5 years (just for taxes).
    I current use 2 seagates and 1 WD, and all are just running fine.

    I have 3-4 HDDs laying around atm, and 3 more inside my comp...
  20. So WD is after all the winner in this race by quite a gap with seagate. Is it because of the price and quality? I have never used nor bought a WD HDD before, I might consider it on my next computer shopping. :)
  21. I purchased a WD MyBook and it bit the dust in six months.
  22. LoL Fireball, Pos loudest hard drive I have ever heard... Thanks for the comments Im buying a WD 1tb
  23. I voted Maxtor.

    I have a 40gb Maxtor drive I bought some eight years ago and it's been working admirably. No problems whatsoever. I've had a WD Caviar too, worked less than three years and died clicking like a time bomb... taking my OS with it. I have no trust in WD products at all. :(
  24. Never bought a HD seperately unless it was second hand.

    I have bought a few external hard drive, I have had some lacie ones, which was a joke after a while my comptuer stop recognising the drive and i used it as a backup... what a joke

    i have had some seagate ones which i have had in my computers bought from a popular retailer in the uk, never have failed on me, until recently when I was handling them alot and probably not taking as much care as I should of,

    one thing which we can't measure on this forum is the people who are commenting how did they handle their hard drives, are they the type to chuck them about thinging that they know what they are doing...

    i read loads of reviews of western digital, apparently they do alot of testing on their hard drives so i bought a 1tb external drive ( they was on offer , i hope for not a valid reason that they may fail sooner than expected or whatever)

    have been recommended samsung f3 hard drives, they are good in speed not so sure about quailty tho something to bare in mind before i do hit send payment
  25. vote for seagate
    my maxtor 40 gb which i have used for 6 years until now is still working fine ,
    same as @andyKCIUK which has used it for 8 years
    wdc is about performance
    but seagate is about lifetime
  26. Maxtor is worst product
  27. It's a tie between Seagate and WD for me. I don't know what to choose. Both are equally great, both are equally stable, 'n both are equally popular.
  28. I had a 20 GB WD back when 20 GB was quite big and found it a big hassle. Three days after I installed Windows on it I begain getting idiot errors and crashes. I reformatted and it worked perfectly - for three days - and then the same problems. I went back to my 8.4 GB as C: and that drive as D: for music and video and had no problems until I retired it. It seemed as if it couldn't handle sudden access and quick writes. No wonder they are cheaper!

    Are not Maxtor drives now branded Seagate since Maxtor was bought by Seagate a few years ago? I have 3 250 GB Maxtors which all still rock! I had problems with one of them but it was because I had three installed close to each other and vibrations from the other two were throwing it off. It works fine again now that I've reformatted it and I'm now using it in a toaster.

    Whatever happened to Miniscribe?
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