6800gs clicking sound even with no fan spin??

Hey, my system with problems is:

asus p5nd2-sli motherboard (nf4 chipset)
pentium d 830 3.0ghz
1 x gb samsung 533mhz ddr2 ram
430 watt thermaltake pwrsuply
geforce 6800gs video card

Believe it or not, this system still runs games pretty good. i was playing bio shock on it for a while today. but this system runs hot. and i noticed when bio shock was up their seems to be a clicking sound that clicks. so i stopped every fan in the case with my finger and i still herad the clicking sound. The northbridge cooler is hot to the touch, and even the graphic card seems to be hot, i ever touched the capacitors and they all are smokin hot. The clicken sound seems to be coming from the graphic card or possible the south bridge. Right when i exit bio shock(a graphic intense game) the clicken sound immeditaly stops. The click is only heard bio shock is being played, even if i stop the graphic card fan with my finger. any ideas what this sound mite be? blown capaciter? the system is very hot.
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  1. yah the sound is deffintly coming from the graphics card. it seems to be a constant clicking sound.. anyone know what it could be??
  2. must be the pacemaker :P

    there are no clicking sounds apart from your fans and harddrive(s)

    clicking is usually associated with failing harddrives or old harddrives that sound like they are crunching rather than clicking.

    do u hear it in windows? how about when u watch a movie or something. try play something off your harddrive and then pop in a dvd and play from it. if the clicking noise stops when ur watching from the dvd then you know its the harddrive...
  3. no its not the harddrive , the sound is only present when a game is being played, i switched out the video card , and put in another one and the clickn stopped when playing a game, sound is only present during gameplay.
  4. also i noticed as graphics became more rich, more detailed scenes, the clicking becomes slower but louder, i m wondering if i poped a resister; one of those gray cap ding a lings.
  5. or i mite of popped a capacitor
  6. i m telling you this damn video card is clicken when under stress
  7. i m telling you this damn video card is clicken when under stress
  8. Get an aftermarket GPU cooler and replace the noisy fan.
  9. dude its not cause of the fan.. i stop the graphic card fan and sound is still heard...i put in different video card and sound was gone... it seems to be some kin d of electrical pulsing sound..
  10. Well, I used to use a G5 Tower that had a graphics card that would make a sort of high pitched buzzing/clicking sound when put under certain kinds of stress. Mind you it was a mac, so I couldn't play any games on it, but it had dual screens and when moving applications between screens or using the video editing programs that we had on there, it would make a very high pitched sound, and only then. It was a passive card as well.
  11. My computer is making strange noises too, and it's a brand new computer. It happens whenever I'm playing a game, and the more graphics intense the scene is the louder the clicking noise is. It even happens when I scroll up or down in Firefox or IE, and when I maximise or minimise a window. It also happens with Flash animations. I am thinking that maybe it's something to do with the processor? The specs of my PC are:
    Intel Core2 Quad Extreme X6850 3.0GHz LGA775 Processor
    2x SLI 768MB nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX PCI-Express VGA Card
    OCZ Platinum XTC v2 2048MB PC2-6400 DDR2 Dual Kit
    500Gb Samsung Spinpoint T 7200Rpm S-ATAII 300 Hard Drive
    HiperPower 670Watt ATX2 24Pin Ultra Quiet PSU

    Please does anyone have any ideas about this because the noise is driving me insane :pt1cable:
  12. yeah its coming from the gfx card...

    i have 2 xfx 6800gs' 'xxx' cards(that i just replaced with a 7950gt for $50AU :P)

    and anyway i bought the first 6800gs and it made clicks-- it seems to only happen when its in 3d mode and comes most likely from the voltage regulators and shite..

    i would have taken it back for a replacement but i had actually ordered a generic 6800gs and they had no stock soo they gave me the oc'ed xfx one, and i wanted it to stay that way...

    anyway i have had that card for ages and all it does is be annoying. it probably has some sort of lifetime shortening sideaffect but iv had mine for prolly 2 years and they still go strong,.. after many silly overclocks and modifications..

    just turn the speakers up a bit more..

    i set mine up as a secondary card. and it partially eliminates the need for sli indicator bars and the faster and louder it click the harder the second card is working.
  13. there IS other moving(vibrating) parts on that card....

    The power system coils vibrate and make a buzzing and sometimes clicking noise. most people can not hear it. My last 2 cards did(1900XT and 8800GTX, the 1900 was far louder) it....i am still in the process of seeing if it's my card or the power supply(they made coils and transformers that can make noise).

    It's important to note that this is not going to hurt the parts in anyway. its just a fact of life. Many companies call there coils and other components "Low noise"...not no noise.

    Even many 0dB(fan-less) PSU's emit this noise as discovered in many reviews.

    If it bugs you? pump the volume.
    you may be able to RMA it and if your lucky you will get away with less noise since no 2 parts are exactly the same.

    Also note I never noticed this sound with my Sonata II case since it was dampened out...So some cases may also lessen the noise for you.

    SPC Review - Antec Phantom fanless psu
    5. NOISE: There is no fan and thus no fan noise. There is a very small amount of coil buzzing that becomes audible (to me) when the PSU is less than two feet away. It measures perhaps 15 dBA/1m or less; this is at the limit of the resolving power of my SPL measuring system (which includes the ambient noise). The buzz does not appear to change with load.

    Look at all those different coils.
  14. Maybe it's just me, but I swear this has to be the 5th post that swears their video card is making a noise(and they swear it's not the fan). Initially I thought that they must be crazy cause that just doesn't seem possible. But after the number of posts that I've seen on this topic, I am having to rethink the assumption that it wasn't really possible and that perhaps they(being 1 at the time) were mistaken.

    The inductor coils COULD vibrate if they were at a low enough frequency to cause it, or a group of them happened to be at harmonic frequency. Again, this seems so very unlikely, but apparently there must be some truth to it(even if the truth isn't anything anyone has mentioned). I know if my video card started clicking I'd think I was going crazy. Clicking is almost always a fan or hard drive. Hopefully it's not your hard drive ;).

    To Knowsitall:

    Haha! You don't know it all! I got you good!(I'm just kidding of course) The grey cap things aren't resistors. They are capacitors. They serve a vastly different function in DC and AC circuits. I'm sure you were just sleepy or something cause you called them resistor, then said cap ;).

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