e6750 stock fan but too hot?

Hey all

I have a question regarding my e6750 C2 duo temperature while gaming. It is not overclocked. Using the retail boxed hs/fan. While playing the new Call of Duty 4 demo I heard a beeping sound come from my case. I opened up Gigabytes ETC application and saw that my CPU temp was reading 80 degrees Celcius. Is this safe or too hot?

Right now at "idle" my temps are:
System 39c
CPU 36c

Ambient is about 22 celcius. I turned off "smart" fan so it is going full speed of 1930~ RPM.

Thanks for any replies
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  1. This is one of those 'any replies' you talked about.

    Those temps are borderline unsafe in the long term. I'd guess one of your pushpins on the stock cooler is 'doing the splits' instead of going through the hole. Happened to me. If I was installing the stock HSF again I would most definitely do it with the motherboard out of the case.
  2. idle temps are fine , but 80 is too much for load

    Use SPEEDFAN , CORE TEMP , TAT too and tell us what they ar reporting
  3. Properly reseat the heatsink. Replace the TIM/thermal gel. If that doesn't help, upgrade the cooling.

    Normal idle temps but incredibly high load temps usually indicate erratic/improper thermal contact.
  4. I have seen some of my friends have had problems like this, the common problem was when they were installing the heatsink, they made a mistake, removed it, and reseated it again, this usually caused higher temperatures which reduced their overclocking results.

    I was able to get them better overclocks by removing the heatsink and cleaning off all of the compound, then using a high grit sandpaper, give the heatsink a mirror finish then use less thermal compound when resetting the heatsink, this generally resulted in far lower temperatures

    and combined with at least 1 case fan having it's airflow going directly to the air intake of the heatsink, their overclocked temperatures generally stayed 39-45C range when overclocked

    less compound is better than more compound, and the smoother the surfaces on both the cpu and heatsink are, the less compound you will need.
  5. I'll see if reseating it will do the trick for now. I will let you know how it works out
  6. Woot I think it worked. I took off my heatsink and wiped the stock thermal compound off. Applied a thin later of arctic silver 5, smoothed it with an old credit card. Reattached heatsink. Is there anyway to generate a report and post it from Speedfan application?

    The highest my cpu got under load playing for like 10 mins was 42c it appears. Right now sitting in windows doing nothing my 'Core0' and 'Core1' are a chilly 21c!!! :D I realized the one probe on speedfan that was also labeled "Core", was reporting from my nvidia 8800 gts, which runs hotter than my cpu. :)

    a side note: call of duty 4 utilizes both cores on a c2duo..so if you have a heat problem, it will amplify it.
  7. It's amazing the difference in temperatures you can get when going from an uneven layer of 'stock paste' to a pre-smoothed layer of arctic silver :)
  8. rhaezor, although you've solved the primary problem, your temps are inverted, and are still not correct. Keep in mind that "Core" and "CPU' temps are 2 separate measurements at levels differing by 10c. Core temp is highest, followed by CPU temp, and Ambient temp is lowest. If your Gigabyte motherboard has PECI support in BIOS and it is disabled, this will cause inverted temps where CPU temp is higher than the Core temps.

    Of course, no temps can be equal to or less than Ambient, so if your Ambient is 22c, then at Idle the CPU temp must be at least 23c, and Core temps should be about 33c. Since SpeedFan 4.32 / 4.33 Core temps are typically offset by -15c on CPU's with Tjunction Max 100c specifications, such as with your E6750 with G0 stepping, then 21c +15c = 36c, which makes sense and is a reasonable Core temperature.

    Excellent Idle temps are:

    Ambient = 22c
    CPU = 23c
    Hottest Core = 33c

    If you want to be certain that your temps are accurate, then use the Calibration procedure in Section 9 of the following Sticky - Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/221745-29-core-quad-temperature-guide

    Comp :sol:
  9. Thank you, I will try this out when I get home :)

    Edit: dang that looks very complicated..lol.
  10. Most users find that once they begin, the procedure is straight-forward, and makes sense. It's really really quite simple, so give it a try. You'll have the peace of mind knowing that your temps are accurately Calibrated.

    Comp :sol:
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