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Does anyone know of a data recovery program that WILL definitely work with a WD 3TB hard drive? Several claim to but then only recognise it as 746GB or similar (I've tried so many now i cant remember all the names)

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard definitely does not.
I'm in contact with Get Data Back support, but its like talking to PC novice.

I have contacted other companies and most seem to reply "we think so but not 100% sure so just try and see". But when it takes 70-80hours to scan it I would prefer to know in advance.......

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  1. 1st how was the data destroyed? Have you tried R-STUDIO software & GetBackData software?
  2. The drive was connected via a USB dock, something went wrong when he clicked on "safely removed hardware..." then windows just kept saying "this drive needs to be formatted"
    getdataback can see about 800GB but there is 2.2TB on there, I have been in contact with their support but they are next to useless. I have been having to explain stuff to them like they are novices, not what you expect from data recovery support!!

    Surely someone somewhere must have recovered data successfully from a 3TB drive???!?!
  3. EaseUS Partition Recovery works for me to undelete the partition. But since EaseUS Data Recovery didn't read the drive correctly this might not either. You can always make an image of the hdd and use those programs to scan the image for your files. I would dump the contents with linux. To a NTFS drive or network share. You can also use Winhex on windows side to make the dump.

    If the drive is out of warranty..Open the external case and connect it straight to the system.
  4. iCare data recovery Free edition is able to help you restore 3tb drive.
  5. Having similar issues here... funny that so many recommend NON-free options... i.e. free to try but you have to pay to actually recover anything
  6. switchmenot said:
    iCare data recovery Free edition is able to help you restore 3tb drive.

    Yeah, it reported my 3TB as a 764GB drive with a message that it will only recover the first 10 files for free. So much for that!
  7. This is a massive data to recover but i think you can copy this data to pen drive or some another storage device and then reboot it.
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