Thinking about buying Enermax Infiniti Modular 720W PSU

was thinking about this, will be buying a new system soon and i think my current one is packing up

i want a psu with longevity

it is a little expensive however

i would apprecaite your thoughts on it

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  1. I have one of these. Its a very nice power supply. The 12V rails are rock solid stable. It comes with all the cables you would ever need and a little pouch to store them. It is expensive but it is also PCI-E 2.0 compliant so you are covered for the next 12 months if their are any specification changes.
  2. what do you think about this psu? ower_supply-nvidia_sli_ready_

    the reason i ask its because its a good 50-60quid cheaper (100usd)
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