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Hi I recently bought a new pc with a p5k-se motherboard and I got lots of problem (not even booting), so I had to do clrms to finally start it, so I bring the pc to technician where I buy it. So the question is that I want to change the motherboard for another one so I check the MSI P35 Platinum even if it cost more than the one I already have. I want to know if it's a good choice and if there's any problem with it (I know that they did a 2nd version of it for the overclocking problem) but I want to know if it's a overheating board and if it's a quality one.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Yeah, the lingo is killing me, but at least I understand where your coming from.

    Answer is easy, the OEM that made your machine should replace the motherboard on their dollar. If its a faulty product then they are the ones responsible to replace the hardware. - Dont bother dropping unnecessary cash to buy a new board.
  2. I've understand that it's the store that should replace the board I just wanna know if I should pay like 30 bucks more to change to a msi p 35 platinum or stick with a new p5k-se that they going to change? Actually I bought the pc hardware and build it so I don't mind changing the mobo. Maybe my first post isn't clear enough sorry for that.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. I dont see any particular reason to change; both are solid and paying $30 more for not receiving any added benefit seems silly.

    stick with the p5k
  4. Ok I'll go for another p5k-se hope I won't get another bad mobo with the new.

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