format to NTFS without an operating system

I recently formated my hard drive because of various problems, but now I have even more problems than before. Everything is unpartitioned space, and when I try to install XP it won't let me format to NTFS, it just says it's the wrong file system and asks me to choose another partition.

Is there a way to format to NTFS without an operating system, or have I screwed myself over completely?
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  1. How did you format your hard drive the first time? You have to create a partition with the XP install disc.Look carefully at all the options it gives you on the screen.
  2. I formated using the xp installation. Or rather, I deleted the partition there, because I wanted to make one partition out of the two I previously had. After doing that I tried to create a new partition, but it wouldn't let me format it. It ends up being called (Raw), and if I try to install there it just says it's the wrong file system.

    Thanks for the link. I'll try using that : )
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