MS releases new Vista game hotfix - affects Geforce 6-8

Here is the MS article with the links:

Nvidia discusses which games are helped by this change:
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  1. Good to see Microsoft taking a proactive approach on this one and not just saying, "get the 64bit version." Also, it is yet another reason to wait until SP1 for Vista comes out. They are continually fixing bug in its current state.

    I will probably wait until more programs are 64-bit compatible and make the jump to the ultimate 64-bit version. Even though microsoft has said that server 2008 will be their last 32bit OS, that still gives companies a couple of years before the next major OS is released. I sometimes wonder if we (the computer community) won't begin making the jump until we are forced to. Things like this 2GB barrier are only going to get worse, but with companies unwilling to readily support 64bit OS, we are all stuck for a few years and will have to put up with workarounds like the patch microsoft just realeased.
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