Anyone who has xp64bit and a working sound card

First off: By chance does anyone use the best buy brand Dynex 5.1 sound card with XP 64bit windows? If so, what drivers are you using? If not, keep reading.

So, I built a new rig last year with XP 64bit. My old soundcard did not have drivers. So, I went to best buy and got the cheapest card I could find (hence the above question). After 2 different episodes of driver issues, the driver trouble is not worth the mediocre sound quality from the card. My question: What card are you using, do you like it, and was it easy to find the correct drivers?
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  1. The card is soundmax 5.1 but its great with my 64bit stuff, never had any problems Soundmax 5.1

    Have you tried drivers from this??
    Most 32 bit drivers will work with 64bit OS
  3. Yep, downloaded those. They are the same ones that come on the CD with the card. When I run the install it gives me Error: This package only supports 32 bit OS. In the installation menu it titles the drivers as "Envy24 family audio deck v.4.42a". So I googled the 64 bit version of that driver. When I try to install that, the installation looks fine, then right after the bar goes from 0 to 100%, it says: The following drivers have been installed: none. The following drivers were not installed: Envy24 family audio deck. And no explanation or error as to why. Now you see why I'm ready to buy anything that works?
  4. I suggest you to download the latest 64bit drivers for latest dynex soundcards. Mostly they can detect yours too.
    I use to do like that for my Via Hyperion Display drivers, even though mine is a legacy chip, it works fine for me.
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